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Vodafone’s cleaners storm Oxford Street store

Migrant workers who clean Vodafone’s head offices assembled at their flagship Oxford Street store on Saturday for a surprise protest demanding fair pay and proper sick pay. The action came from cleaners represented by the Independent Workers’ union of Great Britain, and marks an escalation in their ongoing campaign against Vodafone’s exploitation of outsourced workers. 

Cleaners end exploitative outsourcing at London Bridge Hospital

Cleaners, catering and housekeeping staff from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) have won an end to exploitative outsourcing at the prestigious private London Bridge Hospital, following the launch of a campaign earlier this year. After whistleblowing on severe health concerns and holding multiple demonstrations outside of HCA offices, outsourced staff will now

Security staff at UCL to strike over pay as part of campaign against outsourcing

Yesterday, outsourced security staff at University College London (UCL) from the IWGB union voted unanimously to take strike action over pay and union recognition, part of a broader campaign to end exploitative outsourcing. Staff are demanding £15/hr, the same wage paid for their roles before outsourcing began 20 years ago, and union recognition. The IWGB

IWGB takes Deliveroo to Supreme Court over bargaining rights

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is challenging Deliveroo’s denial of collective bargaining rights in the Supreme Court, months after the gig-economy giant signed a so-called ‘partnership’ deal with the GMB union. A victory for the IWGB would mean that delivery couriers working for the company would be classified as workers for the

Overworked migrant cleaners at Vodafone launch campaign over pay and sick pay

At the peak of the cost of living crisis, outsourced migrant cleaners from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) working at Vodafone HQ launch a campaign for fair pay and proper sick pay, following years of chronic overwork and victimisation. Several cleaners have faced harassment from management and disciplinary action from subcontractor Mitie