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Anti-Tory raves are back: Spontaneous Liverpool party

Just days into 2020 and Liverpudlians were out with defiance and dancing at an all-dayer in the city centre.

The party outside Primark on Church Street last week has infuriated internet Tories with many writing in to have their traditional moan about crusties on local media, while video showed a mostly younger crowd committing the cardinal sin of having a good time:

The surprise party, featuring placards with “Rave for Change”, “Anti Capitalist Dance Riot” and “Boris Drinks Buckfast With a Straw”, kicked off at around 1pm, drawing in shoppers and kids for a bit of a dance to the techno and DnB music.

Given a colourful tint by the Christmas lights, the party saw sideswipes against Trump as a MAGA flag was burned and anti-war sloganeering including “Bass Not Bombs” and “No War With Iran”.

According to one local: ” It was marvellous – the ’80s Liverpool band era is often overlooked in favour of “Manchester” and the rave scene, possibly as it was easy to define and had a larger UK appeal. The local bands were all individuals and not from a particular scene – great to hear there is possibly more to follow.”

Pic by @Prot0man

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