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The 2019 Anarchist Bookfairs List

The 2019 Anarchist Bookfairs List

Several bookfair organising groups have been pretty efficient with sending in details of their events early this year, so we can now put together the initial showing of Freedom’s annual roundup [for previous, see 2017|2018]. It’s sparse for now but never fear, more shall be showing up. We update this list through the year as more information comes in, so keep an eye out for announcements!

Derry being a January affair we have missed it here, but as ever it was a great day out and pulled in good crowds, according to the organisers.

March 2nd: Glasgow Autonomous Bookfair

11am-5pm at Glasgow Autonomous Space, Unit 11, 53 Kilbirnie Street, G5 8JD

Feminism, Anarchism, Action, Friends, Fun, Childcare, Talks, Food, Stalls, Loads Of Books!, So Many Books!, Screenings, Discussions, Workshops, Tea Coffee Cafe, Zines, Rattle Library.

Event page

April 13th: Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair

11am-5pm at The Black-E, 1 Great George Street

Bookings for stalls are now available at £20 per table, along with spaces for workshops and campaign presentations.

Contact liverpool.anarchistbookfair at

Event page

Updates on Facebook

May 31st-June 2nd: The Anarchist Festival

Various venues and times, see for details

Sadly this year’s London Radical Bookfair isn’t happening due to venue difficulties, but in its stead will be a three-day event building on the success of 2018’s Not The Anarchist Bookfair. Similar to last year’s event, it will see venues across London open their doors for workshops, talks and other shenanigans, but in addition other radical spaces across Britain and Ireland will be joining in. It’s shaping up to be the big anarchist event of the summer (along with the Plan C Fast Forward Festival on the 19th-21st June).

Twitter | Facebook

June 29th: Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair

At City of Edinburgh Methodist Church

More details to be confirmed, but they’re onto the fundraising and in particular are again looking for creche cash.

“Augustine United Church were a great host last year, but we hope the new venue will allow us extra space to run more sessions, offer more room for folks to relax, chat, drink a cup of tea, and hopefully provide a dedicated quiet space.”

Facebook | Twitter | Website

September 7th: Bradford Anarchist Bookfair

11.15pm at The 1 in 12 Club, 21-23 Albion St, BD1 2LY

More than a dozen stalls confirmed including AK Press, PM Press, Active Distro and the Anarchist Federation, plus talks from the Anarchist Communist Group, IWW etc.

Event page

September 7th: Dorset Radical Bookfair

At the Dorchester Corn Exchange

The collective have secured a great venue this year, but it’s a little out of the way for their usual team who are closer to Bournemouth so local help would be appreciated. They update on Facebook and at their website.

October 12th: Bristol Radical History Festival

10.30am-5pm at M-Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol BS1 4RN

Theme TBC, more details coming in March.

November 2nd: Nottingham Radical Bookfair

10.30am-5.30pm at the Mechanics Institute, South Sherwood Street

Lots of stalls and a full programme of events throughout the day, details from

December 7th: Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair

Stalls and beyond. Venue to be confirmed closer to the date. Watch out for updates (or book a stall) here.

Yet to declare:

Some of the bookfairs which have taken place in recent years are yet to declare on whether they are doing one in 2018, but if you want to keep a general eye out, details are below:

Belfast: Organisers have confirmed that it will be happening but aren’t sure exactly when yet. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates.

Bristol: An organising meeting was called on February 4th but this hasn’t led to a date yet, exact form tbc but organisers say it’ll be later in the year than usual if it happens. Website | Twitter 

Cardiff: The local anarchist network was the last group to put one on.

Norwich: Last year’s event was on May 6th, sponsored by the Cunningham Amendment.

Sheffield: 2017 saw the Showroom and Workstation host in late May, the collective website is here.

Swansea: A late-cancelling one last year, but organisers were looking to try again in 2019.

We’re on a break

Confirmed not to be doing a bookfair in 2019 but hoping for a 2020 showing:

Dublin: Usually organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement, previously in September.

Cambridge: Ran a smaller showing at the Portland Arms last June but won’t be doing a 2019 event.

Have we missed you out? Get in touch with us via editor at or @freedom_paper. For a listing of bookfairs worldwide, check out the anarchist bookfairs blog

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