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Liverpool anarchists launch hospitality sector campaign

Anarcho-syndicalists in Liverpool linked to Liverpool Solfed have recently opened a new campaign to fight bad working conditions in the city’s hospitality sector, following on from similar successful efforts in Brighton. The group said in a launch statement:

The hospitality industry, which includes workplaces like pubs, restaurants, hotels, canteens, etc. has an important presence in the city and is well known for abuses and exploitation. Our aim is to get willing workers of the sector together to fight back against abuses and for better conditions.

We believe that as workers we should defend ourselves collectively and spread a culture of solidarity among workplaces – because problems at work are collective, not individual.

We are not solicitors, legal advisors or union officials, nor we are trying to be. We are a group of workers helping each other among equals. With this campaign we’ll attempt to organise and get the skills to face our workplace issues collectively.

We call on people working in hospitality in Liverpool to get involved. As a starting point we have prepared a provisional list of demands to be discussed among those who want to take part.

Don’t just moan, organise!

Among the group’s demands are the Real Living Wage as a standard rate, an end to systematic use of casualised and zero-hours contracts, overtime for unplanned shifts and a standard of two weeks’ notice for shifts in general.

Pic: Solfed stall in Liverpool yesterday, from the Liverpool SF Twitter feed

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