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Anarchist ‘Bookfair’ Plot

Undercover report from the anarchist bookfair

Thousands of Anarchists have descended on Queen Mary College in the East End of London in a first step to ridding the planet of Capitalism and establishing a global environmentally sustainable community based on freedom and cooperation.

Under the guise of a ‘bookfair’, the plotters are working on plans to overthrow the state and emancipate the people of the world through the mechanism of ‘class struggle’.

While they appear divided into countless factions and groupicules, Freedom’s undercover reporter can reveal they are united by a hatred of oppression and tyranny and prepared to work together for the common purpose of ending the exploitation of the poor.

Not only this, they plan to spread their message outside the College and encourage ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ people to become anarchists themselves and engage in a whole raft of community and workplace activities that will lead to the collective empowerment of the ‘Working Class’.

The Anarchists hope that this class will then become conscious of its own power and replace the current hierarchical social structure with a federated participatory method of social decision making.

The change is known as a ‘revolution’ because it would turn current political relationships upside down.

The Anarchists predict that this will be opposed by a group they call the ‘Ruling Class’, composed of bosses, rich people and those in positions of power.

This Ruling Class, the Anarchists say, have been in charge for centuries (opinions differ on exactly how long) and have consistently refused to listen to complaints that they are having a good time while shafting everyone else.

Not only that but the Ruling Class have used forces of repression to maintain their power. These have included ‘the Police’, a large gang of thugs identifiable by their blue uniforms, and the practice of putting people ‘in prison’, which involves locking people in little rooms called cells which they can’t get out of.

These violent tactics by the Ruling Class are regarded by Anarchists as inherent in the system and only a complete revolution can stop the continuing oppression.

Such is the extreme nature of these Anarchists that they oppose all forms of exploitation and oppression, even thinking that women and men are equal and that people should not be categorised by their appearance, sexual preference or where they are born.

We asked their Leader to give us an interview, but apparently they don’t have one and don’t want one either.

Freedom will continue to report on these subversives and keep readers posted on their crazy activities.

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