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Sleeping on the clock is no dream

In 2018 Mencap, the learning disability charity with an unappealing name, took the government to court. Mencap wanted to challenge an earlier ruling on whether or not sleep shifts count as work, for the purposes of calculating the national minimum wage. They won their case and now, thanks to them, sleep shifts are no longer

New research: 1313 homeless deaths in 2022

New research by Museum of Homelessness has revealed another increase in the number of people dying while homeless in the UK – with nationwide figures reaching 1313 in 2022, an 85% increase on the numbers recorded by the study in 2019. These statistics include people sleeping rough as well as those placed in emergency accommodation

Don’t despair, organise!: Affinity Collective

Immense urban belts are encroaching unrelentingly on the countryside, replacing flora and fauna with concrete, metal and glass, and enveloping large regions in a haze of atmospheric pollutants. In the mass urban world, human experience itself becomes crude and elemental, subject to brute noisy stimuli and crass bureaucratic manipulation… Years ago, the French students in

Tories angered by 130k austerity death claim. How many is it then?

This week the Tory lie machine has been working overdrive. For one hour only their official twitter account was re-branded as a “fact check” service in order to dupe people into believing they were seeing a genuine investigation into what Boris Johnson and most importantly Jeremy Corbyn were saying during the ITV leaders debate. Surprisingly

Chester’s homeless have had enough!

726 people died on the UK’s streets last year. Well in excess of 120,000 people applied to their local councils to be recognised as homeless in the hopes of having access to meagre support. Meanwhile 200,000 houses sit empty. Then there are all the commercial and industrial units lying dormant and decaying. Chester, like most