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Report: Derry Radical Bookfair and the Weekend of the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday

A dedication to the families of John “Jackie” Duddy, Michael Kelly, Hugh Gilmour, William Nash, John Young, Michael McDaid, Kevin McElhinney, James “Jim” Wray, William McKinney, Gerard “Gerry McKinney”, Gerard “Gerry” Donaghy, Patrick Doherty, Bernard “Barney” McGuigan & John Johnston. We are with you every step of the way in your fight to get at

Don’t despair, organise!: Affinity Collective

Immense urban belts are encroaching unrelentingly on the countryside, replacing flora and fauna with concrete, metal and glass, and enveloping large regions in a haze of atmospheric pollutants. In the mass urban world, human experience itself becomes crude and elemental, subject to brute noisy stimuli and crass bureaucratic manipulation… Years ago, the French students in

A sideways look: Water scams

In Ireland, a 2010 structural adjustment programme ordered the country to start charging domestic customers for water, where previously it was included in local taxation. This was met by resistance to the installation of water meters and charging (eg. rally pic, right) and mass demonstrations. The Irish government backed down in 2016. Sadly, the British

Ireland: Anarchists on the abortion referendum

With the referendum on whether to repeal the Irish constitution’s 8th Amendment taking place tomorrow, Freedom is reproducing this piece by Irish anarchist organisation the WSM explaining their position — and eight reasons why they will be voting Yes. WSM members are Voting YES to Repeal because; The decision on whether to continue a pregnancy

Protests as Irish Housing Minister betrays squat deal

Protests were held across Ireland against Housing Minister Simon Coveney today after he backed out of pledges to provide accommodation for Dublin’s homeless population in exchange for the ending of a popular occupation of Apollo House. Irish anarchist organisation the Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) hit out at “the landlord’s TD” as rallies took place in Dublin and