Johnson, Cummings and the spectacle of scandal

We’ve finally gotten to the end of a road which has been decades in the making, in which politicians have slowly realised something that the direct action left has known for a very long time — noise is not a threat. There’s been a conceit in Western politics going back generations that if a politician

Dissecting Boris Johnson’s letter to the British people

The prime minister is writing a letter to every household in the UK to a cost of £6m, at a time when the National Health Service (NHS) is suffering under the strains of Covid19 cases. Jon Bigger analyses the letter. Johnson: I am writing to you to update you on the steps we are taking

Boris Johnson a ‘libertarian’? What a joke

It’s really frustrating when people use anarchist terms and phrases out of context or for their own advantage. Libertarian is a word that is consistently bastardised by the new right. Over the last few days the word has been used to describe the UK prime minister in his apparent desire to not introduce the draconian

The stability of the Brexit shambles

I wrote on many occasions during the Brexit process that the initial referendum was really an invitation from David Cameron for the British public to become embroiled in a largely internal Tory Party battle. The public duly obliged by siding with either Leave or Remain. Leave wasn’t the result Cameron expected. A general election and