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Save ASIRT: Asylum seeker legal support charity threatened with closure

A charity who provides free legal advice to asylum seekers in Birmingham and the West Midlands is closing down, despite being financially healthy. Trustees of the charity have rejected attempts by the workers’ union, United Voices of the World (UVW)  to negotiate with them, after the workers’ asked for union recognition and an end to

Victory for domestic and sexual abuse charity counsellors over ‘gig economy’

UVW members working as counsellors for Solace Women’s Aid won a legal battle over their employment status on Monday when a judge ruled that the charity had misclassified them as self-employed independent contractors when in reality they were workers, under s.230(3)(b) of the Employment Rights Act 1996. This false status meant they had no access

Judge orders Brighton pub to pay wages to sacked UVW strike leader until final hearing

Former bar manager at Stonegate-leased Brighton pub Saint James Tavern (SJT) and UVW member Jake Marvin applied to the Employment Tribunal in early July for interim relief following his summary sacking just days after the pub workers’ first picket line on June 25. The judge heard evidence that pub manager and UVW member Jake Marvin