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Victory for LSE Cleaners

The London School of Economics  cleaners will now officially be employees of the LSE from 5th March 2018. The move follows a series of strikes organised by United Voices of the World Union: a members- led trade union of mainly migrant and precarious workers, since late 2016. The strikes highlighed the disparities in sick pay, paid leave, maternity pay and pension contributions, between outsourced and in-house LSE staff.  The outsourced staff also wore different uniforms. 

In the letter issued by outsourcing firm Noonan Services, the company states that ‘ [The LSE] informed us that they have made the decision to transfer the cleaning services for the LSE Estate and Residencies back in house’

United Voices of the World Union in their statement described the move as ‘[…] historic achievement [which] ended 30 years of outsourcing and lifted around 250 cleaners who were previously invisible and voiceless around campus, on to some of the best contracts of employment in the country for any group of workers.’







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