Solidarity and Empathy in the Summer of 2017

The idea that we are in competition with each other for resources is perhaps the most corrosive myth we’ve created. It damages our society like nothing else. The idea that we must beat someone to that house, a job, a lover or friendship is horrific. It reinforces and recreates the hierarchies that cause the contest in the first place. Over the last few days I’ve been frustrated to see examples… Continue reading

Whose University? Police brutality used during a peaceful protest at Warwick Uni.

On Wednesday 3rd December, students making up the contingent of Warwick For Free Education (@warwickfreeed) amassed a crowd of 30-40 students outside of the Arts Centre as a means of rallying for the abolition of tuition fees, education cuts and student debt in order to compel more students to attend the regional demo on Saturday 6th December in Birmingham.

After a few speeches and a surprise banner drop reading ‘FREE EDUCATION NOW!’ over the side of the Arts Centre, an excited group of students decided that on this day of action, where legitimate occupations and reclamation of university spaces across the UK had occurred, that we would try to take the ground floor of Senate House. There was a brief attempt at security trying to refuse our entry, in which they illegally manhandled us, but with them being outnumbered we easily made our way through. This needs to be a point of focus. No security guard was assaulted or harmed on entry. A couple of protesters were bruised in the process. We have asked for the CCTV footage to be released. Continue reading

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