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Rinsed for profit

The NHS will be 75 this year. If it were a person, they’d have been deprived of oxygen and food for 10 years, had vital organs sold for 10 years previously with contractors finding out which body parts they could do without before that. NHS dismantling, begun by Thatcher in the late Seventies, later progressed

The Trustterfuck begins

Having started this column in 2016, I’m now onto writing about the fourth Tory prime minister in a row, each one spectacularly less competent than their predecessor. Maybe it’s part of the job description. With Liz Truss we also see a move to a more ideological New Right approach to economics, although the way some

The thing about Downing Street parties …

Hey look, there’s a story that Boris and the Cabinet are corrupt! Another one! There are few things which showcase the state of public discussion in modern Britain more than the recent talk about refurbishments and bollie behind closed doors, circa December 2020. Much as the pain of those who lost loved ones around that

Death of a royal exposes weaknesses in the British establishment

I don’t think anyone really knows what Britain is anymore, not least the people in charge of steering the country. The death of Philip Mountbatten last week highlighted its odd nature. Suddenly, the feudal backbone was exposed, with the BBC notably behaving like a state broadcaster in some absolute regime. The political parties ceased campaigning

The Tories After May

It’s not unusual for a party leader to resign the day after an election. For a party leader to be forced out of office by their own supporters after the polls have closed but before the results are in is a little more unusual. When Theresa May announced her resignation from Downing Street on Friday