John Bull believers face a rude awakening

Iain McKay writes on the collapse of the Tory economic plan and its dire “solutions” to the looming troubles of Brexit

On every level Thatcherism is recognised to have failed, from the broken housing market, to railways unfit for purpose, a dysfunctional labour market etc. Or more correctly, the reality is being admitted but the root causes are being carefully avoided.

But how have the electorate acted? Though there has… Continue reading

Finding Hope on an A to B March

I haven’t been on many A to B marches over the last few years due to doubts about state sanctioned protest but I managed to get down to the anti-austerity demo on June 20th in London, and was glad I did.

The part of the march I was in was made up of a wide mix of people and groups; gay people (with a LGSM banner!), straight people, Unions -lots… Continue reading

Penny Mordaunt vs The FBU

On Sunday the boss’ tabloids were all over the same story. The Mail On Sunday even ran it on the front page. Apparently Tory minister Penny Mordaunt wasted parliamentary time and everyone’s taxes by giving a bogus speech for the sole purpose of saying the word ‘cock’ a few times. This to win a bet with her officer chums in the royal navy (she is a reservist). The fact that this contemptible piece of ruling class slime is happy to flaunt her privilege, by turning our excuse for democracy into a sideshow for her chinless mates, does not come as a surprise.

However Ms Mordaunt found herself in far deeper water last week for reasons that the mainstream media would rather not report. But we are happy to.

In her role as ‘Fire Minister’ she has presided over the destruction of Fire Fighters pensions and cuts to the service that have seen both its employees and the public put a t risk. In numerical terms that is 5,000 jobs lost and 40 fire stations closed since 2010. Unsurprisingly, she is hated by the rank & file of the Fire and Rescue service. So positive coverage for her in this role is hard to come by. Her spin-doctors probably thought that opening a brand new £4million fire station in South London was safe bet? Not so.

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