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BREAKING: Judge throws out case against the Bristol 3 who shut down Israeli arms firm

Judge declares the activists NOT GUILTY and rules ‘no case to answer’ as Elbit failed to prove their activities were lawful. This morning, three activists appeared at Bristol Magistrates Court, Marlborough St, having been charged with aggravated trespass. The British state attempted to prosecute the trio in response to the successful occupation of Elbit System’s

Charges dropped for 5 Palestine Action activists – Elbit and CPS fail to convict once again!

Five activists have walked free after taking action to shut down Elbit’s military drone engine factory in Shenstone, Staffordshire. Due to an “unrealistic chance of conviction” their charges were dropped before a plea hearing due to take place today, with no further action against them after they shut down Elbit’s UAV Engines factory, used for

Palestine Action enacts daylight direct action at Israeli arms factory

On Sunday, activists once again targeted UAV Engines, the Elbit Systems subsidiary located in the sleepy village of Shenstone, Lichfield. The duo, equipped with repurposed fire extinguishers, drenched the facade of the Israeli weapons firm with blood-red paint, disrupting site operations at the factory. Both activists were arrested at the site, joining the hundreds who

Palestine Action’s “Elbit Eight” prepare for landmark court case against Israeli arms company

On October 10th, eight Palestine Action activists (including co-founders Huda Ammori and Richard Barnard) dubbed the ‘#ElbitEight’ will be facing trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court. The trial is expected to last five weeks and includes charges of burglary, criminal damage and blackmail, pertaining to actions spanning the first six months of Palestine Action. In this

Palestine Action scale trees & occupy the ground beneath to uproot Israel’s arms factory in Shenstone

Yesterday morning, Palestine Actionists set up a ground camp and scaled the adjacent trees, erecting unreachable hammocks overlooking UAV Engines Ltd — the Israeli drones factory that has rightly been a prime target for extensive action as part of the #ShutElbitDown campaign.  Activists have confirmed they plan to hold their positions, and will not leave