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Assessing the far right in Johnson’s Britian

A few months ago, well before any election was on the horizon, we wrote an article for Freedom laying out some post election scenarios and anticipating what that would mean for the far right and it’s ability to organise. Two scenarios we sketched out were a small working Labour majority (which would have seen mass

Tories angered by 130k austerity death claim. How many is it then?

This week the Tory lie machine has been working overdrive. For one hour only their official twitter account was re-branded as a “fact check” service in order to dupe people into believing they were seeing a genuine investigation into what Boris Johnson and most importantly Jeremy Corbyn were saying during the ITV leaders debate. Surprisingly

The stability of the Brexit shambles

I wrote on many occasions during the Brexit process that the initial referendum was really an invitation from David Cameron for the British public to become embroiled in a largely internal Tory Party battle. The public duly obliged by siding with either Leave or Remain. Leave wasn’t the result Cameron expected. A general election and