Boris’ Sentencing Bonanza – Part One

This week, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Robert “fuck the law” Buckland QC, launched a new white paper A Smarter Approach to Sentencing, which outlines the government’s latest proposals for punishing law breakers who aren’t members of the Tory party. Keen to spare us the misery of digesting all 115 pages

The View Magazine: Artful Ways and Means

Note from the editor: this text contains a discussion on issues which may be triggering and difficult to read. However, we decided to publish it as it concerns hard questions prison abolitionists need to face. (zb) The View Magazine started at the request of the governor at HMP Downview, a new governor, who was woefully

Free Kevan Thakrar – End solitary confinement in the UK!

On Monday 9th March, the Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee (IWOC) have called a protest outside the Royal College of Psychiatrists to mark the 10 years that IWOC member Kevan Thakrar has spent in Close Supervision Centres within the British prison system. Close Supervisions Centres (CSCs) are the most extreme form of imprisonment in the UK,

Britannia chained: The assault on our rights has begun

This week has seen a raft of draconian law & order policies floated by the government and police representatives. Carl Spender examines these grim omens of the future. And so it begins: returned to government with a thumping majority, Johnson’s Tories have begun a crackdown on those pesky legal rights that risk getting in the

100 Days of Freedom: A new year’s message from Sarah Jane Baker

Last week, Sarah Jane Baker celebrated her 100th day as a free woman, having served 30 years in men’s prisons. At the time of her release, she was the world’s longest serving trans prisoner. Here she offers us a message of hope and solidarity for the new year. During the 30 years in which I

“The human cost is actual”: Carl Cattermole on the London Bridge attack

I witnessed the attack at London Bridge last Friday. Like the victims of the attack I’m a prison campaigner (Jack Merritt, one of the deceased, followed my work on social media). Like the assailant, I’m an ex-prisoner and I was failed by prison, as most of us are. There’s so much more than meets the