I never want to see the word “COVIDIOT” again

A disclaimer first. I have shit lungs and I’ve always had shit lungs, I’m chronically ill and the threat of not being able to breathe has been constant throughout my life, I am personally taking this pandemic very, very seriously and everyone should stay at home and ideally enforce a rent strike. However, like most

Covid19 exposes the evil nature of conservatism

The Tory government has totally mishandled the outbreak of Covid 19. We could sit and criticise the government for swaying this way and that in their guidance and their actions since the virus reached the UK; they certainly have a major issue communicating what they believe, why they believe it and crucially why the rest

Assessing the far right in Johnson’s Britian

A few months ago, well before any election was on the horizon, we wrote an article for Freedom laying out some post election scenarios and anticipating what that would mean for the far right and it’s ability to organise. Two scenarios we sketched out were a small working Labour majority (which would have seen mass