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A hard right turn that brings meltdown

In October 2021, Boris Johnson proclaimed that this “is the direction this country is going — towards a high wage, high skill, high productivity … low tax economy.” Ignoring the awkward fact that his government actually increased taxation to its highest level for 70 years, nothing was done to stop wages falling by a record

On anarchist economies

Anarchism is generally not associated with economics — and Iain McKay argues that perhaps it’s time the field got more attention. There is no “anarchist” school of economics as there are “Marxist,” “Keynesian” and so on. This does not mean there are no anarchist texts on economics. Proudhon springs to mind here, with his numerous

Mind the gap!

The 2017 snap election was notable for many things, not least the Tory party itself proclaiming that its policies have not worked. Well, it did not quite say that — the problems it admitted existed seemed to have no cause, they just were. No mention of who was in office for the past seven years