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London squatting opportunity of the week – a piss-drenched terrace in Whitehall

Suddenly available after it’s previous occupant spontaneously combusted leaving only a pair of ruby slippers and the stench of burning housing insulation, this property in Whitehall is admittedly a fixer-upper. Full disclosure: in recent years tenants had to be forcibly removed for rowdy parties and anti-social behaviour, and the place positively reeks of piss and chardonnay, but the building itself has previously a long and esteemed history as a fuck-palace of the elite.

Impressions: A Normal Life, the memoir of Vassilis Palaiokostas

As Freedom Press launches its (first ever) crowdfunder to get the story of the Greek Robin Hood into print, George F waxes lyrical about the importance of telling tales of working class illegalism. Freedom is aiming to publish the translated memoir this November, you can find out more about the project and pick up some