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Obituary: Dave Cunliffe

The poet, publisher and activist Dave Cunliffe passed away aged 80 on Friday 16th April. He made significant contributions to the British Poetry Revival and the development of the 1960s counterculture through his small press output and his tireless anti-racism, environmentalist and anti-war campaigning over several decades. An anarchist who believed in the power of

Obituary: Lucio Urtubia Jiménez

Lucio Urtubia Jiménez Basque anarchist & bricklayer. Born in Cascante, Navarra, 18 February 1931 – died in Paris, 18 July 2020. The film-biography of Lucio Urtubia (“Lucio” 2007) turned him into a legend as some sort of anarchist Robin Hood. But until the age of fifty, Lucio had spent most of his time trying to

Ewan Brown – Rest In Power

Rest In Power Ewan Brown, who went missing yesterday and started our Mayday was sad news. A popular face up in the North East and Newcastle, Ewan was well-known for being a lovely guy full of creative spark and a passion for making the world a better place. From Active Distro; “Ewan Brown, a wonderfully