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Shut the System and Palestine Action smash 20 Barclays branches

Bank targeted for investments in fossil fuels and Israeli arms, in coordinated actions “from Glasgow to Brighton”

Palestine Action and Shut the System, a direct action group targeting companies who finance climate chaos, say their activists “shattered glass, sprayed paint and stencilled” around 20 branches of Barclays Bank in England and Scotland overnight.

Shut the System, described as “a recently launched underground climate movement”, says ity targets banks and insurance companies which enable fossil fuel expansion. “Between 2016 to 2022 Barclays provided $190.5 billion to fossil fuel companies and recent commitments to phase out project finance are way off”, said the group in a joint press release with Palestine Action.

Barclays branches in Bristol and London (top) were targeted among about 20 across the UK

Barclays holds shares in Elbit Systems, which is the primary target of Palestine Action’s campaign. Elbit Systems provide 85% of Israel’s military drone fleet and land-based equipment, as well as bombs, missiles and other weaponry. The Israeli weapons maker market their weapons as “battle-tested” after they are developed during bombardments in occupied Palestine.

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