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Let’s Get Rooted – For a New Working Class Strategy!

The following statement was originally posted on the Let’s Get Rooted blog on 25.05.20 Dear friends, Over recent weeks Croydon Solidarity, AngryWorkers and other comrades have started a debate about how to intensify our collaboration and make it open for others (1). This debate was compounded by the Covid-19 crisis around us and encouraged us

Chile: The Self-Managed Street Workers Union is born

President Sebastián Piñera’s hide was well and truly saved when Covid-19 interrupted months of protests which had nearly kicked his government out of power — but lockdown doesn’t mean people have stopped organising. The Sindicato Autogestionado Trabajadores Ambulantes (SATA — the Self-managed Union of Street Workers) was founded last week to provide a focal point

The story of Glasgow’s Tent Town and the battle against homelessness and the City Council

This is the story of Tent Town, a camp of protest against the problem of homelessness in Glasgow and the people neglected by Glasgow City Council. Tent Town had two purposes from the outset: to shelter homeless people who had lost out on the closure of the Hamish Allan Centre and the closure of the

The direction of radical movements – on Nuit Debout and the potential for radical change

Within radical politics, there are many opportunities for political action. There are, from all corners, suggestions on how to get involved, what to do, and where to go. These outlooks tend to be rooted in historical circumstances. It seems that today the converse is happening: we are forgetting that our actions today will make history,