Mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action: GAF calls for Mayday actions

Despite the lockdown, the Green Anticapitalist Front (GAF) has called for Mayday actions: just in a different from traditional format. Here is their callout: This Mayday is unlike any previous Maydays. There will be no marches in the streets and no public speeches. Yet, now more than ever, we need to show that we are

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front Week of Action 2020: what’s on

It is our great pleasure to report that the Green Anti-Capitalist Front are still holed up in the building formerly known as Paddington Green police station. Much to the dismay of coppers everywhere, GAF have transformed this former temple of state violence into the headquarters for their 2020 week of action, which culminates in the

Climate is class war — what next for green activism?

An alliance of non-hierarchical groups formed over the last few months, the Green Anticapitalist Front is attempting to provide a link between the extensive anarchist experience of green direct action and the latest wave of climate change activism. Below, the group outlines its background and ideas for future activity. The ideas behind the Green Anticapitalist

Against Ecofascism – 12 Rules for WHAT

12 Rules for WHAT is a podcast on fascism, antifascism and the far right from the perspective of the left. Their latest episode is on ecofascism, you can listen to the whole episode at the bottom the article. Ecofascism is an essential part of how the far right is going to change over the next