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Against Ecofascism – 12 Rules for WHAT

12 Rules for WHAT is a podcast on fascism, antifascism and the far right from the perspective of the left. Their latest episode is on ecofascism, you can listen to the whole episode at the bottom the article.

  • Ecofascism is an essential part of how the far right is going to change over the next few decades. It is the cynical belief that the coming climate breakdown can be used to harden borders, further crack down on migrants, and demonise non-white people. It rests on dodgy science, bad arguments, and racial hatred. It needs to be urgently confronted as a tendency, even though it doesn’t yet have a group who express it explicitly.
  • From Identity Evropa (now American Identity Movement) propaganda for saving the environment through the mass deportation of refugees to Marine Le Pen’s abandonment of climate science denial, Ecofascism is an increasingly important and prominent part of the far right, and will only become more so as the climate crisis deepens and becomes harder to ignore.
  • Ecofascism is based fundamentally on racist notions of where certain kinds of people are allowed to live, and who is allowed to benefit from the Earth’s resources. Ecofascists are ultimately not interested in constructing a sustainable relationship with the Earth but rather want a prolonged consumption of the Earth’s resources for those they deem worthy – those they would categorise as white.
  • It is incumbent upon the green movement to guard itself against co-option by ecofascists. Only an active and explicit antifascism, and a rejection of the rhetoric of apolitics can prevent far right activists from spreading their reactionary ideas. We must be clear, the answer to the climate crisis is not to reduce populations or to harden fortress Britain but to get rid of capitalism.


Listen to the full episode here:

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