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Mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action: GAF calls for Mayday actions

Despite the lockdown, the Green Anticapitalist Front (GAF) has called for Mayday actions: just in a different from traditional format. Here is their callout:

This Mayday is unlike any previous Maydays. There will be no marches in the streets and no public speeches. Yet, now more than ever, we need to show that we are still here, still angry and still fighting.

GAF is calling for an autonomous day of action on the 1st of May. We can’t demonstrate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t revolt. Take action alone or in a small crew. Mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action, all are valid. Keep it serious, keep it quiet. But above all stay safe.

If you want us to share your action (after the event) on our social media, send us photos and details to

Below you can download printable pdfs of the flyers and images in different languages.


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