Book review: Too Much and Never Enough

Taking a deep dive into Mary Trump’s recent work on the political psychopathology of her US President uncle. by Mary TrumpSimon & Schuster, Jul 2020ISBN 978-1982141462240ppReview by Wayne Price, first published at Anarkismo When I worked for the New York City school system as a school psychologist, I occasionally sat on panels to interview people

Book Review: The Government of No-one

“This is a book devoted to ideas, rather than a history … The Government of No One is probably not a bad reflection of the current state of the English-speaking anarchist movement.” by Ruth KinnaPelican 2019 (pbk Aug 2020)ISBN 978- 0141984667 (paperback)ISBN 978- 0241396551 (hardback)432pp Review by Sonny Disposition ‘The aim of this book is to explain

Review: Mask Off- Masculinity Redefined by JJ Bola

Mask Off- Masculinity Redefined By JJ Bola Pluto Press, 2019 ISBN 978-0745338743 JJ Bola’s Mask Off is a text of many faces. From personal accounts about his upbringing in London, over the statistics on gender based violence to male entitlement and critique of capitalism and imperialism, the author draws a link discussing the manyfold ways

Book review: Kropotkin — Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition

“Kinna is right that Kropotkin has been misunderstood, that the common perspective of his politics is distinctly at odds with what he actually advocated, and her book helps put the record straight.” by Ruth KinnaEdinburgh University Press, 2016ISBN: 978-1474428378272pp Review by Iain McKay Anarchists from Proudhon onwards have met with misunderstanding and not a little

Book Review: Workers’ Tales

Michael Rosen (ed)Princeton University Press, 2018; 978-0-691175-34-8328pp; £14.99 Reviewed by Jon Klaemint Hofgaard There is a certain harmless air to tales. They are always fun to read and listen to because they conjure up worlds beyond our own doubtful and complex one. What is fascinating about the stories collected by Michael Rosen in this book

Review: The Anarchists in Paris, May-June 1968

This handy little pamphlet appears in the 50th anniversary year of the events of May-June 1968 that shook France and the world. Importantly, it’s written by an eye-witness and participant in the events, the anonymous Le Flûtiste (Flute Player). by Flûtiste Le PP: 24 Kate Sharpley Library 2018 Review by ACG First of all, on the

Review: Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW

This book deals with the international scope of the IWW, how it spread to other countries, often through the idea of the One Big Union being carried overseas by seafarers. Edited by Cole, P. Struthers D., Zimmer, K ISBN: 978-0-745399-59-1 PP: 320 Pluto Press 2018 Review by Anarchist Communist Group The Industrial Workers of the World was

Radical lit roundup

KSL’s quick roundup of recent anarchist books on 19th century history, First World War syndicalism and enigmatic figure Peter The Painter. The Red Flag of Anarchy: A History of Socialism & Anarchism in Sheffield 1874-1900  by Andy Lee ISBN: 978-1-999714-40-6 PP: 176 AK Press 2017 A wonderful account of Sheffield’s radical history (and of digging it out: go to