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Book Review: A Normal Life

M Morrison takes a lengthy look at the autobiography of Vassilis Palaiokostas, better known as the Greek Robin Hood. A Normal Lifeby Vassilis PalaiokostasISBN: 978-1-904491-40-8Paperback: 352pp£15 (available here) Illegalism is a practice that has its roots in the French anarcho-individualist movement of the late 19th century. The idea in, its initial form, argued that if

Book Review: The Makhnovshchina and Its Aftermath

“Black Cat Press have (again) added to what we know about the Makhnovist movement,” the Kate Sharpley Library says in its latest Bulletin. The Makhnovshchina and Its Aftermath: Documents from the movement and its survivorsNestor Makhno, Galina Kuzmenko, Peter Rybin, Vsevolod Voline; translated by Malcolm Archibald and Paul Sharkey;edited by Malcolm ArchibaldBlack Cat Press2021ISBN 9781926878249

Review: Deep Adaptation – Navigating the Realities of Climate Chaos

Trigger warnings for eschatology, despair, grief, climate chaos, near-term societal collapse.

If you, bold snowflake, can make it through that opening sentence without melting into a malaise and retreating to the safe space let me attempt to relay devastation in a digestible format. Me a mere cuck, gibbering from the bedside as reality brain fucks your raw out.

Review: Post-Internet Far Right

The creators of the essential antifascist podcast 12 Rules For What? have published the first of two books analyzing current tropes of the right-wing political movement and how it has evolved as both a digital and IRL entity. It’s a sharp, shrewd and up-to-the-minute antifa digest that guides the reader down the rabbit-hole of fash ideology and how it has evolved and organised into it’s current form. In a world gone mad, this book provides a much needed opportunity to comprehend how the far-right has become what it is today.

Impressions: A Normal Life, the memoir of Vassilis Palaiokostas

As Freedom Press launches its (first ever) crowdfunder to get the story of the Greek Robin Hood into print, George F waxes lyrical about the importance of telling tales of working class illegalism. Freedom is aiming to publish the translated memoir this November, you can find out more about the project and pick up some

Book Review: Emma Goldman, ‘Mother Earth’ and the Anarchist Awakening

“This important and essential volume by Rachel Hsu goes back to the primary sources in an attempt to allow the ideas and actions of Goldman to speak for themselves.” by Rachel Hui-Chi HsuNotre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press2021ISBN 9780268200299$45. Review by Barry Pateman. It first appeared at the Kate Sharpley Library via the KSL Spring