Fighting for the green

A radical network of environmental activism, Earth First! runs two annual major events in Britain, the Winter Moot in the early part of the year and a Summer gathering, taking place this year on August 15th-20th in Sussex. Below, an organiser with the gathering writes on EF!s ethos, beginnings and why the gatherings have been

Earth First! Summer Gathering starts this week

Environmental direct action movement Earth First! is celebrating 25 years since its first gathering in 1992 this week, as the Summer Moot begins setting up on Wednesday. After a period of slow going in the early 2010s EF! has experienced something of an upsurge in interest over the last three years, with its sunny season

The greening of anarchism again!

“Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help” chumbawamba After a damning report published in the journal Science, titled Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change, are the mainstream channels finally catching up, albeit to a small degree, with what anarchists have been saying for hundreds of years?