I got de-escalated by XR and then the police evicted them 

Dear all at XR! I fear I am the reason the police banned you from protesting in London. Please allow me to explain how I might have accidentally caused them to huffily evict you all from Trafalgar on Monday despite all their promises and your expectations. I had been there just the Sunday night before,

On Class and Climate Struggle: Decolonising XR

In the last week, two widely-shared images have summed up deep-rooted problems at the heart of the Extinction Rebellion movement. One, a white man wearing a suit jacket being pulled off the top of a Tube train by people needing to get to work. In Canning Town, a mostly working class area of London that

It is not just a bunch of flowers

Why supporting Extinction Rebellion in a spirit of cooperation and friendship has, at times, been extraordinarily difficult. My work as coordinator of the Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) has kept me busy for some months now supporting the rights of Extinction Rebellion (XR) campaigners to exercise their freedom of assembly. XR activists have been out

Police vs XR: What can be done about the Met’s Section 14 order?

The Met have kicked off week 2 of the XR autumn rebellion with an almighty bang,  issuing a revised s14 order that effectively bans XR from protesting in London. Carl Spender of the Activist Court Aid Brigade is here with three things you ought to know about this latest salvo in the cops’ war against

BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion London warehouse raided by cops

Extinction Rebellion South London warehouse has been raided by the police this morning. According to the reports, at least 20 police vans were seen parked outside, and dozens of officers were present. Police used battering rams to force entry to the property used to store XR’s equipment. Eight XR activists were arrested for conspiracy to

Legal: Can I be ‘pre-emptively’ arrested?

In case you missed it: Roger Hallam, one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion, has been ‘pre-emptively’ arrested the day before he – and other members of XR splinter Heathrow Pause – were due to disrupt flights at Heathrow airport using remotely piloted drones. While the notion of a ‘pre-emptive arrest’ has a decidedly Orwellian