Covid-19 and The Malthus Legacy

You meet them everywhere and they can be old or young: “The Covid 19 pandemic is Mother Nature’s way of reducing the population”. Somehow they miss out on the deliberate decision making process that leads to this reduction targeting of the poor, the weak and the economically vulnerable parts of the population, rather than the

Spain: CNT takes on farm exploitation in Andalusia

Covid has presented particular problems for seasonal farm workers this year, and CNT Adra is planning to fight back. In the below statement the anarcho-syndicalist union outlines the situation and its demands. The unions of CNT Andalusia are placing a focus of union action in a sector that is important in our community — agriculture. The

Notes from the US

Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks. Freedom’s Notes from the US (which has been published without interruption since 2005) doesn’t normally concern itself with ‘moods’ or ‘atmospheres’. And while it is impossible to gauge the extent of

Interview: The Manchester Housing Officer

The following interview with a housing officer from Manchester by Let’s Get Rooted reveals the impact of the lockdown on both workers and working class tenants. I’ve worked as a housing officer for a housing association (in the greater Manchester area) for nine years. The housing association is the biggest employer in the town. My

New guides: The Renter’s Checklist

As Covid lockdown support is withdrawn a number of groups are beginning to bring out guides and support for people finding themselves at the mercy of the benefits system and landlord reprisal. Things are going to be getting particularly rough as of August 23rd when the current evictions ban runs out, and information on people’s