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Welcome to Partisan

Manchester has been struggling along without a stable radical social centre since 2007, when The Basement was ruined by flooding, but that all changed in 2017. When Partisan Collective announced they had secured space for progressive events and projects it caused quite a stir. Below, collective member Madeline FJ writes about their efforts so far.

Notes from US: The bureaucratic apocalypse

From our US correspondent: Racism Republicans throughout the United States have the wind behind them in their supremacist agendas nationally in Washington DC and in the states locally. In Missouri, for instance, the white Speaker (chairperson) of the state legislature silenced a black representative who was trying to draw attention to the ways in which

Long struggle: The IWA at 100

Founded in 1922, the International Workers’ Association (IWA) is celebrating its centenary this month. Over the last century it has represented many millions of people, faced repression from State forces and bounced back from the precipice. It has fought for the abolition of capitalism and the State, the implementation of libertarian communism and full workers’