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Interview: Russian anti-war prisoner solidarity

“There are few of us, and we can’t handle the flow of repression.” Solidarity Zone is a project to help people who have been repressed for anti-war resistance. We talked to project activists about solidarity within Russian society, forms of protest, and the prospects for ending the war. Female participants working in Russia answered the

‘Solidarity Collectives’ fight Russian imperialism

“Solidarity Collectives” (former “Operation Solidarity”) is an anti-authoritarian volunteer network formed before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine to help comrades on the front line and civilians affected by the war. “Collectives” isn’t merely a name but the essence of our initiative which was joined by various organizations and groups from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, France,

The Cowardice of European Pacifism

The following text was first published by the Belarusian anarchist collective Pramen. Eight months have passed since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. Tens of thousands of people have been killed, many towns and villages are in ruins, and the torture of the Kremlin regime in the occupied territories continues

“I take a sick leave” How mobilization affected workers

Antifond — is a common project of Antijob, Feminist Anti-War Resistance and Antiwar Sick Leave (Antivoenny Bolnichny), organized after beginning of the invasion. The project focuses on supporting strikes and protecting labour rights, including from harassments at work for anti-war stances. We publish translation of its text on action against mobilization with sick leaves. At the

Hospitals in Burgas are ‘full’ of unidentified bodies

Bulgaria: Chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev says of the state of migration in Bulgaria that: “Hospitals in Burgas are full of unidentified dead persons that hunters find in the forest. They cannot be released because their identities cannot be established.” The district’s only forensic doctor, Dr. Galina Mileva, has commented upon this horrifying reality: “There is