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France: March against police killings unites the left

Over a hundred organisations from around the world, including a number of anarchist groups and British organisations, are backing the callout for a massive march in Paris to take place on March 19th against police brutality. Led by the families of people who have died at the hands of police and following on from weeks of protests and clashes in the streets, organisers say that, as the law is… Continue reading

Interview: Anarchists talk about Den Haag and the 2015 riots


Den Haag in the Netherlands has gone through some of the deepest upheavals in the country, including riots in 2015 over the police killing of Mitch Henriquez, arrested on suspicion of carrying a weapon and then throttled, dying in police custody the next day. In this conversation with two anarchist comrades from the city, anarchist journal Avalanche draws out an overview of the context, struggle and projects of… Continue reading

From The Land Of Proudhon – The Battles of the ZADists

Thom Holterman writes on the emerging zadist movement and the battles it is waging with the state and capitalism.


The French language has a new word: zadist. It comes from the abbreviation ZAD, Zone à Défendre, “Zone to defend”. Officially ZAD refers to a French legal instrument that is used to create big construction works, such as building an airport or a project for a high speed  train line. These kind of projects inevitably cause considerable damage to the environment and that’s exactly what a zadist would like to prevent by his or her opposition: defending the zone from destruction.


The movement is broader than environmental activism alone. This mainly concerns the projects for which huge costs are incurred for the benefit of relatively few people, and in particular, the transnational real estate and construction companies that are making huge profits. A well-known French exampleis the (new) airport to be built in the surroundings of Nantes (Notre-Dame-Des-Landes). The construction of an HSL connection and a super highway are also planned upon the construction of the airport. Such projects are against the zadists’ principles of an anti-hierarchical society  and have therefore become sites of struggle. Continue reading

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Police Violence Mars Free Education Demonstration

Jon Bigger, resident contributor at Freedom News, brings us his account of yesterday student demonstration in central London. Marred by vicious police violence and abandoned by the ever principled National Union of Students, the march went ahead and voiced its important and just message: free education is a right for all.


Photo: Jon Bigger

Sometimes things aren’t peaceful. The day had started loudly with a samba band marching from the London School of Oriental and African Studies. Stragglers marched with it to join the back of the demonstration for free education that was assembling a block away on Malet Street. It ended with police violence as the authorities snatched people off the street for having the nerve to march spontaneously through the streets of the capital. Here’s an account of the demonstration for free education that took place on Wednesday 19th November.

The demonstration itself was a wonderful, vibrant and good natured march through London on a dry and mild November day. The decision by the National Union of Students (NUS) committee to withdraw support for the march had not dwindled numbers and in fact may have made students even more determined. That decision could render the NUS an irrelevance in the years to come as students up and down the country look to alternative forms of organising which might bypass the careerists in the movement. Already there is talk of new organisations and further action, specifically occupations and local activities on 3rd and 6th December. Continue reading

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