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Hundreds of thousands back on the streets for Gaza

Today’s Gaza demo was massive, with only nine arrests. Hundreds of thousands marched in London as part of over a hundred huge protests worldwide. We saw the biggest trade union contingent so far, with also the largest Jewish & Queer blocs to date. The lies spewed by Suella Braverman that these are ‘hate’ marches look more ridiculous the longer this slaughter in Palestine continues.

It looks pretty certain that the International Court of Justice will uphold South Africa’s genocide claim. At this point, EVERYONE has to up their game. Don’t forget that we have been here before.

In 2003, we saw the biggest protest in political history against the Iraq war, but the movement failed to seize the opportunity, and a million Iraqis died. Governments don’t care how many of us lawfully march from A to B. They can cope with the cost of policing.

For the first time in history, a genocide is being live-streamed across the world in real time. Days of action must become days of rage. The organisers of today’s march claim that half a million attended. If just two per cent of those people (ten thousand) put themselves up for direct action, just imagine what could be achieved.

Images: Guy Smallman

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