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Five arrested after disrupting British production of Israeli weapons

Palestine Action activists have once again turned to Israeli weapons company Elbit Systems’ (Israel’s largest arms company) UAV Engines LTD., an important component in the company’s British operations and manufacture of military UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). One activist has glued onto the factory wall whilst positioned on the fence, whilst others held their guard against

Palestine Action scale up, occupy and dismantle Thales weapons factory in Glasgow

In the early hours of this morning, four Palestine Action activists began an occupation of arms company Thales’ factory in South Glasgow. The activists scaled the roof factory’s at dawn and began causing severe damage to site facilities, forcing workers to evacuate the building. Their occupation is ongoing, rendering Thales’ conveyor belt of weapons inoperable.

Israel: co-founder of Anarchists Against the Wall arrested

Jonathan Pollak, a long-time anarchist, co-founder of Anarchists Against the Wall and Palestine solidarity activist, was arrested in Tel Aviv. Pollak’s arrest follows a criminal action filled against three activists involved with Anarchists against the Wall in February 2018 by Israeli far-right nationalist group Ad Kan. The other two persecuted activists are Kobi Snitz and