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By defending the squats, we defend the movement against the rotten world of authority

From the ashes of Evros, central Greece and Rhodes to the mud of the valley:

Last summer, we experienced destructive fires and floods – the result of the political choices of the New Democracy government – with thousands of acres of land and lifelong struggles getting lost in the mud and the ashes. Political choices led to the death of dozens of refugees and local citizens and thousands of animals found dead, burnt or drowned waiting for the 112 of the eviction of their souls: the free social spaces and squats, the only barricade against the insufficiency of the state mechanisms.

The general antagonistic movement and the self-organized spaces build defences against the destruction, the inexistence and the neglectfulness of the state. Solidarity networks are established, and they dive into the fires and floods. Squats and self-organized spaces coordinate, setting up cooking places and organising the fulfilment of needs of the afflicted.

Resistance against barbarity. The state mechanism blames the afflicted while hitting the squats to disorient. Uprising now and always. While we drown in mud and fight the fires, the state does not waste any opportunity to attack self-organised structures. Self-organisation is the society we desire, of the elimination of oppression and the exploitation of humans on other humans, animals and the environment. Our lives are constantly in danger of being lost in the fires and floods, in the trains and ships, at the borders and by the uniformed murderers and the useless government funded people within our villages and cities. We defend the movement against the rotten world of authority by defending the squats.

Solidarity with all those struggling within or outside the walls against the system that gives birth and upbrings poverty, fascism, war and death. Get your hands off the squats. See you on the streets.

~ Autonomous Centre of Kavala & Squat Vyronos 3

Image: Marios Lolos

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