Calais, France: Message from the refugee people after the death of our brother

On 28th September, a young Sudanese man Yasser died at the French-British border. Yasser’s relatives and members of the Sudanese community in Calais have written the following letter, to express their grief. The letter is available in available in French, Arabic and English on Calais Migrant Solidarity website, where it was orginally published. Day after

Murder by negligence on EU border

Last month, Freedom reported on the plight of 32 people from Afghanistan seeking asylum in the EU imprisoned on the Polish-Belarus border and left there without food, shelter or medical assistance for weeks. These people are the victims of a diplomatic spat between the dictatorial regime of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko and the EU. The Belarusian government

32 people from Afghanistan are currently imprisoned by armed guards on Poland-Belarus border

In this episode of Freedom’s informal series “The Fuckeries of Poland“, we will discuss the plight of a group of people from Afghanistan currently stuck on the Polish-Belarusian border. As some readers may be aware, Belarus, apparently in revenge for the EU sanctions, is attempting to get back at Fortress Europe by allowing (and most

This border kills! One person dead and one feared missing at sea after shipwreck last Thursday

Last Thursday an Eritrean man died after he was recovered from the Channel when the boat he and others were traveling to the UK on sank. One other person is feared missing at sea. The details are unclear and questions remain about how the authorities responded and what they will do to search for the

Anti-racist protesters block Home Office in Cardiff over inhumane treatment of refugees at Welsh military barracks

Two protesters have blockaded the Home Office in Cardiff this morning, holding the Immigration Authority to account for its treatment of refugees in the Penally camp in West Wales. The Home Office has a duty of care to all those who arrive in the UK seeking sanctuary. People staying in the Penally ex-military training camp,

Border Violence Monitoring Network publish report on criminalisation of solidarity in Western Balkans

Some of the volunteers from the Border Violence Monitoring Network have compiled a report documenting some of the most recent pressures on solidarity work along the Balkan Route. The report seeks to contextualise different tropes within criminalisation, including: Formal Criminalisation Policing, Repression and Informal Criminalisation Scrutiny Obstruction of Individuals and Organisations Arbitrary and Informal Acts

Artin, little man, I remember you.

Late last month a family of five died when their boat sank trying to cross the Channel. Bruno L had met them just days before, while passing out aid, and writes here about a family full of love, and a toddler full of joy, and a things that should not have happened.