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Serbia-Hungary border squat evictions are largest this year

Repost from Are You Syrious? Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, was at the Serbia-Hungary border on Thursday 16th March, meeting with Serbian authorities and border control. She thanked and congratulated the Serbian authorities for their work. Just one day prior, No Name Kitchen reported on the eviction of squats in Northern Serbia

Action Against Detention and Deportations (AADD)’s response to death in Manston

Freedom publish a statement from Action Against Detention & Deportations about the tragic death of a man who spent a week incarcerated in Manston detention camp. The Home Office won’t say who the man is, how old he is, where he came from, how he died or provide any other information. We are saddened and

Hospitals in Burgas are ‘full’ of unidentified bodies

Bulgaria: Chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev says of the state of migration in Bulgaria that: “Hospitals in Burgas are full of unidentified dead persons that hunters find in the forest. They cannot be released because their identities cannot be established.” The district’s only forensic doctor, Dr. Galina Mileva, has commented upon this horrifying reality: “There is