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COP26: Day of action locations map launched

With preparations ramping up for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow this November, a coalition of campaigns has launched a map of events taking place across Britain aiming to pressure for more radical change.

The COP26 Coalition, which involves nearly 150 groups from local grassroots crews and horizontally-organised campaigns such as Rising Tide to Extinction Rebellion and NGOS like War on Want and Greenpeace, is hoping to pull out tens of thousands for the main climate march on November 6th.

In Glasgow, for the flagship march of the Global Day of Action, the crowd will assemble at midday at Kelvingrove Park, before marching to Glasgow Green for a rally at 3pm. The march will be led by indigenous groups and communities on the frontline of the climate crisis, followed by a migrant justice bloc, bringing Scotland’s strong migrant justice and anti-racist movements to the streets in solidarity with the Global South. And in Central London, the march will set off from outside the Bank of England, ending with a rally at Trafalgar Square.

But while the focus will be on Glasgow and London, 40 local hubs and more than a dozen other march sites are being set up to mobilise around the country on and around the day, collated at the link below:

Also of use to local groups is a Resource Pack launched along with the page, which offers copious tips to help prepare independent events.

Quan Nguyen from the COP26 Coalition said: “The decisions made at COP26 will shape how governments respond, or not, to the climate crisis. They will decide who is to be sacrificed, who will escape and who will make a profit. This conference is happening at a crucial moment in history. Across the world and across movements, we are seeing a new wave of resistance, global solidarity and grassroots organising.

This November, we will take responsibility for our collective wellbeing by putting in place COVID-19 precautions so we can safely take to the streets and demand real action on climate change be taken at COP26.

This is a unique opportunity to rewire our system as we recover from the pandemic. We can either intensify the crisis to the point of no return, or lay the foundations for a just world where everyone’s needs are met.”

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