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Book Review: A Normal Life

M Morrison takes a lengthy look at the autobiography of Vassilis Palaiokostas, better known as the Greek Robin Hood. A Normal Lifeby Vassilis PalaiokostasISBN: 978-1-904491-40-8Paperback: 352pp£15 (available here) Illegalism is a practice that has its roots in the French anarcho-individualist movement of the late 19th century. The idea in, its initial form, argued that if

Radical reprint: Wait! Wait! Wait!

In 1932, a Freedom Bulletin was produced which took aim at the state of the economic crisis in Britain, calling on workers to cease listening to the lies of the political class — it almost could have been written yesterday. The article, produced when Freedom consisted of Tom Keell (pictured and most likely the author)

Freedom Press and the MI5 vendetta

Today we’ve uploaded a new set of 25 War Commentary newspapers, mostly covering late 1943 through 1944, to our digital archive and to mark the occasion Jack Saundrs looks at a set of MI5 files which show exactly how angry the Freedom Group publication was making the State at the time. The files tie in

Transcript: Freedom and ASS at the Spycops Inquiry

Freedom, among many other left organisations, was targeted by the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) multiple times over the years, most notably by senior officer Roger Pearce. The Advisory Service For Squatters, which has premises with Freedom in Angel Alley, has also been targeted, and speaking on behalf of both for the inquiry’s introductory sessions Rajiv

The Anarchist Big Issue

If you know, then you know. They be slanging DOPE in Angel Alley. Sliding up past Whitechapel Gallery like a needle to a vein, people come for two kinds. One of them they smoke in foil wraps with dragon flame lighters.   The other they give out at the anarchist bookshop, targeting kids, prisoners and homeless