Interview: Juliusz Lewandowski, queer antifa artist

“Right now, we fight in hell.”

As Poland’s oldest squat faces eviction, George F. met with queer painter and ex-worker Juliusz Lewandowski to discuss the upcoming antifascist art festival Rokantyfazystowski and how the themes of eroticism and anxiety, solidarity and sexuality are expressed through his innately political artwork.

Brief thoughts on the recent antifascist demo in London

Respect to everyone who organised the antifascist demo in London last night and to everyone who turned out. It was really good and necessary that it happened. There had been quite a lot of hype about the violence the far-right were going to dish out. So extra kudos to the people that participated anyway. As

The cringeworthy naivety of Nick Cave

In a recent interview Brighton based artist Nick Cave had a rant about what he describes as ‘woke culture’. It is presently very fashionable for rich men over the age of fifty to sneer at right-on millennials. So to see him jumping on the band wagon came as little surprise and was greeted with a

The police can not be the only answer to far right terror

Since the proscription of the neo-nazi group National Action in December 2016 the threat of extremist far-right terror has not gone away. In fact, according to a timeline of UK far-right terror in the 21st century put together by Beyond the Fringe Politics, of the over 50 incidents recorded half took place in the last

Stop Tommy, Stop the Racists demo callout

On Saturday 3rd August London Antifascist Assembly, together with coalition of 33 other groups, are calling for Stop Tommy, Stop the Racists protest to be held in London. The callout reads: Tommy Robinson is back in jail for contempt of court. The far right will be marching in London on Saturday 3rd August under the

Is Antifa going in the hinterlands?

Note: for anyone who hasn’t yet encountered it, “the hinterland” is a term used by American writer Phil Neel to refer to places outside the big metropolitan centres of the global economy – see this interview for more on the concept. 12 Rules for What, a new-ish antifascist podcast, recently published an article in Freedom

Oxford: students mobilise to oppose Steve Bannon talk

Following the news that former Chief Strategist to President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, is to speak at the Oxford Union on Friday 16th November, students are mobilising to oppose the meeting with the white supremacist celebrity. Despite of evidence that Bannon was confirmed as a speaker at the start of September, the news of his

The Unmasking Antifa Act: Behind the Mask of History

On the 86th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street where anti-fascist Londoners fought and stopped fascists marching through the primarily Jewish section of East London, it’s important to know the history of anti-fascism and the current surge in fascism. In a recent interview with author and organizer scott crow on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson

USA: antifascists and fascists clash outside Islamic convention

More than 100 antifascists and white supremacists, some armed, clashed outside the 55th annual Islamic Society of North America convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Huston, Texas. The convention drew thousands of American Muslims for a weekend of talks, festivities and prayers. The tensions run high from the start of the convention on