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Sixth anniversary of Turkey’s war against Afrin

Today is the sixth anniversary of the start of the occupation war of Turkey against Afrin in North and East Syria. While thousands lost their lives in the war itself, hundreds of thousands were forcefully displaced. Many are still living in refugee camps in Sheba, close to Afrin, hoping to one day return to a liberated homeland.

This is when, in the last few days, Turkey intensified again attacks against North and East Syria. Many targets are factories, food production and storage houses, oil and gas facilities and electricity stations, leaving approximately two million inhabitants without electricity.

On January 14, Turkey targeted a central electricity station in Kobane, leading to a power outage in approximately 300 villages. Another electricity centre was targeted in AinIssa. Turkey continues to rob the people of Rojava of a sufficient supply of basic everyday life necessities.

Also targeted was a house in Dirbesiye, Rojava, wounding a woman and a child, according to first reports. Turkey continues non-stop to target North and East Syria, focusing on infrastructure and civilians.

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