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Ongoing: Turkey launches Christmas Day attack on North and East Syria

The Turkish occupation state continues its attacks against Rojava, North and East Syria on Christmas morning. Just weeks after a heavy wave of attacks against infrastructure and civilians in October, Turkey once again intensified the war, launching a series of drone strikes yesterday morning, two days after attacking several locations in the Tirbespiye area. First reports already spoke of 13 wounded and 8 martyred, four of whom came from the print factory in Qamishlo city. The local hospital calls for blood donations.

“The point that might be the most important one to emphasize, is that the attacks by the Turkish state happened just after the new social contract was finished and agreed on in North and East Syria. This was a very strategic step. Turkey and the forces of capitalist modernity stand against this social contract, they do not want this revolution to succeed. They want to prevent the prevalence of the philosophy of the Democratic Nation and the victory of the 12-year revolutionary struggle, a victory of youth and women, that turned this revolution into a revolution of humanity. Because of the revolution, the people can develop a free life. A democratic nation is a system that creates a free, ethical society that defends the values of humanity. With this victory, the oppressive system of Turkey, which is built on war, attacks, massacres, and genocides, is challenged. The social contract will be the most truthful answer against all attacks and all the genocidal and oppressive politics that try to defeat a free humanity.”

~ YPJ spokeswoman Ruksen Muhammed, from “These attacks will be answered

This is an ongoing situation, UPDATES HERE and HERE:

In Qamishlo:
– 16 drone strikes happened
– A print factory, a cement factory, a workshop for construction work, a sewing factory, an agriculture facility and the old train station were targeted
– The dialysis centre in Qamishlo. There will be barely any treatment alternative available for sick people in the whole region. Turkey is robbing Rojava’s people of basic necessities such as safety and health care:

“In this hospital, we treated about 60 or 70 patients. This was an important option for the patients who had to go to Aleppo or Damascus to seek treatment. The enemy didn’t even leave us this. My name is Rafa Abbas. I am responsible for the dialysis centre here in Qamishlo City. 

The health committee built this oxygen centre to supply the whole city and all hospitals. Turkey didn’t even leave this to us. It is not an economic institution or Military point. The medical point only served the population.”

In Amude:
– A banquet hall, a lentil processing factory and a factory for olive processing were targeted

In Kobane:

– A medical point, a car repair centre and a factory were targeted.

– The bombing is continuing in the Efrin/Shehba area, specifically in the villages of Bircqase, Meyasa and Soganeke.

Turkey attempts to occupy large parts of North and East Syria and to destroy the project of democratic self-administration and the women’s revolution in Rojava. For this reason, it is important for all democratic individuals and organisations to make their voices heard against this war and stop Turkey.

“Just on Christmas and as we are approaching New Year, Turkey continues to attack infrastructure, not caring about the sacred holidays. Turkey is committing war crimes against the people of North and East Syria, taking away their security.”

~ Ruksen Mihamed – YPJ spokeswoman.

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