Turkey: State paramilitaries are destroying Syrian refugees’ tent homes in İzmir

As of February 8th, refugees living in tents in the Torbalı and Bayındır districts of İzmir are being evacuated in accordance with district governorate decisions through the intervention of its gendarmerie State paramilitary force. The tent areas are being removed. Thousands of refugees, who left their countries because of the civil war in Syria, have been struggling to survive as seasonal agricultural workers and living in the tent camps, constructed… Continue reading

Stop the War won’t stop this war, but direct action might

The applause. The same old placards and distinguished speakers. The masses asking politely. Stop the War rallies might only be boring if their shortfalls didn’t have such serious implications.

Despite almost two million people marching against the war in Iraq, we did not stop it. The old leaders of the Left talk about “critical mass”. However this is not a question of mass but of tactics: To be effective, our… Continue reading