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Stand in solidarity against Turkish war crimes in Syria

To all supporters of the Kurdish liberation struggle, anti-fascists, socialists, feminists, anarchists, communists, environmentalists, and those dedicated to a better world:

Turkey has launched probably the most widespread bombing campaign North-Eastern Syria has faced so far. Since October 5th, Turkey has conducted over 30 airstrikes, primarily in the Cizîre region and Kobanê. These airstrikes have targeted vehicles, villages, and especially critical civilian infrastructure, including oil- and power plants & gas stations, resulting in civilian casualties and casualties among internal security forces. Large areas experienced a total power blackout, with many hospitals, bread factories and other critical public institutions without electricity. The attacks continued this morning when a Corona Hospital & a power station were targeted.

Despite the obvious war crimes, no reaction has been heard from the international community so far.

These attacks followed threats by Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hakan Fidan, directed at the self-administered region. The pretext for these threats was a self-sacrificial action on October 1st in Ankara, claimed by the People’s Defence Forces (HPG). The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs declared that the attackers came from North-Eastern Syria, justifying these attacks on “all infrastructure, superstructure, and energy facilities,” especially in Syria and Iraq.

Understanding these attacks requires avoiding oversimplifications such as framing them as mere “revenge for Ankara,” as promoted by the Turkish State, or normalizing them, as some media and institutions close to imperial states have done. Instead, it’s meaningful to view them as part of a broader military campaign orchestrated by Turkish authorities in pursuit of what appears to be the creation of a new Ottoman Empire. These attacks are not to be seen disconnected from the war in the mountains of Southern Kurdistan, the torture in Turkish prisons or the attacks on journalists, politicians and youth in Northern Kurdistan.

What remains unmistakable is the remarkable resistance against this plan of occupation and genocide. This resistance includes the recent action in Ankara, the steadfastness of guerrilla forces in the mountains of Kurdistan, and the democratic initiatives undertaken by people in South and North Kurdistan, Iraq, and Armenia. At its core, this resistance is led by the people of North-Eastern Syria, who are constructing democratic structures amidst challenging wartime conditions.

All democratic and anti-war forces are vital in this resistance and should unite against these attacks. However, merely reacting to them is insufficient. What’s needed is to actively confront Turkish fascism, its collaborators, and supporters wherever they may be found. 

We call on all solidarity groups, people and initiatives to become active and to oppose the attacks of Turkey and the international complicity & to act decisively to stop the war crimes committed by Turkey. Take the war back to those responsible profiteers, companies and governments! 

Together, we rise up against the attacks on Rojava and North-Eastern Syria. United, we will defend the Revolution!

Rise Up for Rojava!

SmashTurkish Fascism!

~ #RiseUp4Rojava

Image: Anti-nuclear occupation in Bure, France / #RiseUp4Rojava

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