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Palestine Action smash and spray weapons factory auditors

Palestine Action activists this week took apart the offices of Edwards, Aldridge-based accountants working for Israel’s largest weapons firm Elbit Systems. Activists smashed the windows of the offices based at 34 High Street, Aldridge, Walsall, and doused the site in blood-red paint to represent Elbit’s blood money, which Edwards are paid to count. The site

Palestine Action shut down agents for the global murder industry

Palestine Action have shut down the premises and operations of ADS Group, representatives and advocates of the world’s largest arms dealers. ADS’ business is the promotion of companies such as Elbit Systems within government and at arms fairs. Acting to facilitate the business of Israel’s largest weapons company – and promoting them with lobbying –

Palestine Action scale up, occupy and dismantle Thales weapons factory in Glasgow

In the early hours of this morning, four Palestine Action activists began an occupation of arms company Thales’ factory in South Glasgow. The activists scaled the roof factory’s at dawn and began causing severe damage to site facilities, forcing workers to evacuate the building. Their occupation is ongoing, rendering Thales’ conveyor belt of weapons inoperable.