A year through anarchist eyes: 1950

Rob Ray takes a unique run through the pages of Freedom in 1950, a time when anarchism was in a pretty dire state, but was starting to gain traction via a focus fighting issues such as capital punishment, nuclear weapons and militarism, which would characterise some of anarchism’s biggest campaigns later in the decade. The

1936: Eye-Witnesses to Revolutionary loyalist Spain

As Catalonia continues to simmer, Raymond S. Solomon has an overview of that great historic Catalan rebellion — the Spanish Civil War Durruti’s Vision In an interview with journalist Pierre Van Paassen, the great anarcho-syndicalist leader and Spanish loyalist general Buenaventura Durruti said: “We are giving Hitler and Mussolini far more worry with our revolution

Double book analysis: Peter Davison on George Orwell

In this review and analysis piece, Raymond S. Solomon discusses works by George Orwell and annotations by Peter Davison in two of the Orwell expert’s books, exploring the turbulent 1930s including issues around Palestine, the Spanish revolution, and the beating of Oswald Mosely’s British Union of Fascists. BOOKS REVIEWED Davison, Peter (ed.) (2013) George Orwell: A Life In