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SOAS management tricked cleaners into exposing themselves to COVID-19

With an already extensive repertoire of exploitation, the cleaners at SOAS have exposed yet another instance of management’s discriminatory and negligent behaviour. On March 12th, an anonymous post appeared on Reddit and the SOASk Me Out Facebook page (which is mostly terrible attempts at passive flirting). The message was in response to the university’s official

Conferences ditch UoL as lecturers show solidarity with cleaners’ struggle

The University of London (UoL)’s dispute with IWGB members over bringing cleaning contracts back in-house ratcheted up a notch today as a major history conference dropped plans to hold the event at UoL’s Senate House in solidarity with an ongoing boycott. The 19th Century Studies Graduate Conference announced in a Tweet and open letter that

Rattling cages: rise of the United Voices of the World

In early August 2018 cleaners at the Ministry of Justice and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea started a coordinated three-day strike. All migrants, the cleaners joined United Voices of the World (UVW) to fight for better pay and conditions at work. They have been ignored for too long by subcontractors who pay poverty

Striking cleaners picket in Paddington over rail dispute

Outsourced cleaners on First Great Western Railway (GWR) mounted a rowdy picket at 7am this morning to push for the firm to bring them in-house with parity of conditions with their colleagues. The staff, currently with Servest, have been in dispute for months with ballots for strike action being overwhelmingly supported in December. The union