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Hungary: neo-fascists attack Aurora Jewish community centre

Hungary: neo-fascists attack Aurora Jewish community centre

Hungarian neo-fascists from “Legio Hungaria” group have attacked the Aurora Jewish Community Centre in Budapest.

The attack happened on Wednesday evening, during a nationalist march to commemorate the 1956 uprising against Soviet occupation. According to reports, around 50- strong mob gathered outside the centre, attemped to torch the building, burned a rainbow flag at its entrance and littered it with neo-nazi stickers and graffiti. Luckily, nobody was harmed.  The centre was closed during the attack and its staff was alerted of it by neighbours. The police was called, but, according to reports, they turned up after about 20 minutes, said they have no capacity to deal with the attack and left. However, later Aurora wrote at their social media page that the authorities consider this case very seriously.

Funded in 2014 by a grassroots Jewish NGO, Aurora is a home to several other groups, including the Roma Press Centre, a gay rights organisation Budapest Pride, Migszol Refugee Advocacy Group and Zold Pok: an agency for social activism. The centre is a subject of hostility and harassment from the Hungarian authorities and other far right groups. In 2017, the fascist activists filmed themselves placing posters reading “Stop operation Soros” on the message board of Aurora.

Commenting on the attack, Aurora said that the centre will remain open and will continue to be a safe space. The damage from yesterday was quickly repaired and the centre carried on with their usual activities today.

Photo: Aurora’s Facebook page

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