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After Nazi attack, Swedish anarchist publisher says he will not be silenced

Paramedics on the scene of the Nazi attack. Photo: Left Party Facebook page

On Wednesday a meeting about antifascism in Stockholm was attacked by a group of Nazis. The meeting was organised by the Green and Left parties and Mattias Wåg, publisher of anarchist magazine Brand and veteran antifascist was one of the participants. He was singled out by the Nazi attackers. In this article, originally published in Aftonbladet a few hours after the attack, he describes what happened.

Aspects of syndicalism in Spain, Sweden and USA

Considering the relative weakness of anarcho-syndicalism in Britain historially, Philip Holgate compares three countries where the revolutionary union idea took off and made a major social impact in Spain, Sweden and the US. Holgate, born at Chesterfield, 1934, studied mathematics at Exeter and spent five years teaching in a progressive school. He was a member of