Anarchy Number 2

The gang system in Coventry

The gang system

in Coventry


REG WRIGHT is a Coventry engineering worker who has spent a life-time in the motor, aircraft and textile industries, One of the pioneers of the gang system in its present form, he has even written a play about it. In a forthcoming article in ANARCHY he discusses Erosion Inside Capitalism.

THE GANG SYSTEM AS OPERATED IN COVENTRY is modern and yet traditional. Its… Continue reading

Approaches to industrial democracy

Approaches to

industrial democracy


GEOFFREY OSTERGAARD, born at Staploe, Beds. 1926, lectures in political science at Birmingham University and was recently visiting fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. He was the author, with J. A. Banks, of Co-operative Democracy and contributed a long series on The Tradition of Workers’ Control to FREEDOM a few years ago.

THE IDEAL OF industrial democracy is as old as the Labour… Continue reading