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Bristol Kill the Bill statistical update

As of 11th November 2022 this is what has happened from the Bristol Demo of 21st March 2021. Avon and Somerset Police alleged over 500 people were engaged in disorder and have identified at least 191 suspects. 83 people have been arrested and 3 interviewed under caution, 47 people have been charged including 42 with

Lawyers launch High Court challenge to anti-trespass law

Below, Freedom reproduces the lawyers’ statement on the High Court challenge from Travellers Times. In November 2019, the Home Office launched a consultation entitled ‘Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments’ with one goal being to seek out viewpoints on ‘broadening the existing categories of criminal trespass’. Following the consultation, on 8 March 2021 the

For whom the Bill Tolls: What’s occurring with Kill the Bill?

Has the Kill the Bill campaign come roaring back to life? The rapid proliferation of demos around the country yesterday against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill suggests that might just be the case. There were over twenty demonstrations around the country, some with just a few dozen but with thousands coming onto the